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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

did we get an answer today???

not exactly...but i will share what i do know.

it is obvious that tim is still having issues directly and indirectly related to his lymphoma. many times we have been told that tims cancer is a very aggressive lymphoma that is unpredictable.

the first time 'round we used a chemo regiment called hyperCVAD. this chemo was used before the transplant and put tim into remission for about 11 months.

the second time 'round we used a chemo regiment called ESHAP. this chemo may or may not have put tim into remission but we found ourselves back to square one in less than 6 months.

the third time 'round we used a chemo regiment called ICE. during the middle of the chemo tim started a new growth on his arm and it appears that this chemo has been totally ineffective up to this point.

we are still in what we call the third time 'round or the second relapse phase but we are frustrated with the results of the chemo as are the doctors. they have tossed around the idea of more doses of the same ICE chemo or perhaps switching to a new chemo called gemcitabine. this new chemo is actually an old chemo drug but is more recently being used for aggressive tumor cancers. we do not know all the details of this new chemo or how often it is given but we do know that we are in a "holding" pattern until tims platelet count comes up a bit.

they are having us come in every other day...until further notice. tims liver enzymes also are on the rise again...this could be medication driven but they seemed a bit more concerned today. they needed to give him more fluids today because his kidney function tests were on the rise again...this usually just means he is not drinking enough.

as far as how tim feels...he feels yucky. he has caught himself a cold (not unlike most of harrisburg) and it has him pretty run down. his arm hurts (off and on) where the mass is growing. he feels feverish tonight so we are taking his temp quite far it is just a hair off normal. we are assuming that his general YUCK and aches and pains are mostly from having a cold...but as you can understand we are very leary to assume anything anymore.

we are being cautious and being seen every 48 hours...keep praying. tim is getting tired of this whole thing...AGAIN. (how could he not be) we have our bad days and we have our not so bad days...we really could use a good day in there once in awhile. i know that if you talk to him or see him he will say that he is fine...he is fine...i he says "it could be worse"...but keep praying!!! i hate to be a pessimist but i feel "it could be a whole lot better". we are a bit nervous having gone through 2 rounds of this last chemo and still feeling that we are no farther than we were a few months ago... i seem to be seeing a trend with each chemo they give him and i am not liking the direction it appears to be going.

thanks for all your cards and support and prayers.

thanks for checking in.

tim and tammy


Blogger Wendy said...

Tammy, My heart goes out to all of you. I'm sure Tim is extremely tired of all of this. I know Tim is not a complainer and does not feel as good as he puts on. We pray everyday for you guys. I so understand how you are feeling... We love you all - sending a big hug your way. Will be in touch.

Love, Wendy

March 13, 2008 8:28 AM  

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