Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

Sunday, April 06, 2008

another weekend here and gone...

saturday tim got to watch his first girls varsity soccer was chilly and windy but he was able to park his warm van in the endzone area and could see the whole game from the car. he has really been "pouting" that he has had to miss all the girls games due to crappy weather or him being in the hospital. and we WON...yeah!!!

Kelsey played the whole varsity game (pretty good as a freshman) and Ashley unfortunately was on the injured reserve list. she had a bad collision with the goalie in the thursday night game against west perry and messed up her knee a bit. hopefully she will be back soon.

then as soon as the game was over we headed back to hershey for a 1pm day hospital appt. he is still needing platelet transfusions every couple of days but his other bloodwork seems to be holding ok. we are at the day hospital every other day often for hours and hours. (it is starting to get a bit old). we love the staff there and we enjoy meeting other people (well, tim more than me-no surprise there) but we are both starting to get tired with the whole thing.

i am not sure but we may be the patient with the MOST sad is that!!! not the oldest in age (although sad to say there are many younger than us) but the ones who have been struggling with this cancer thing the longest. there is a lady in there now who is waiting on a transplant and was recently hit with bells palsy (how bizarre)...she has lots of questions for tim. she says they share the same smile. another is under 20 and tim and him fight over the NFL teams...tim says dolphins (chemo brain) and he says cowboys (more chemo brain). tim keeps telling him that he is going to bring him in a dolphins hat. another young lady wants to teach tim how to cross-stitch to pass the time away. the newer patients see us and it is obvious that we know the routine and nothing really rattles us and they begin to ask us questions. they don't always like the answers but you know tim...he always keeps it light and upbeat as he can. the nurses are all watching us raise our children...they ask a million questions about them and enjoy our stories. (we do have some interesting ones). they know about the soccer team and the 9th grade projects and the honors physics roller coaster project. they know our kids and they know our parents. they know when tim is "fibbing" and saying he feels "all right" and they know when he wants to talk and when he wants to just sleep. and most importantly they all NOW drink PEPSI products. go tim!!!

as much as this experience has changed our lives forever...i am ready for it to take a turn for the better. someone recently asked me if i thought this was how it was going to be i think about it? everyday!!! will i stop praying and believing for a miracle? never!!! if it is our life-long term-we will survive (what other choice do we have)...but please keep praying for that miracle.

have a great sunday...hope you made it to church today.

thanks for checking in.

tim and tammy


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm still at Lizzie's and since I've been here in this heat and humidity (Florida)I have had at least one Diet Pepsi each day.
With that said...I'm keeping you all in my prayers and sending icky-sticky hugs your way. (I need some California Cooling!)
Aunt Katie

April 07, 2008 1:11 AM  

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