Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

we are all still alive....

...but that is the best i can do.

just when you think you have had just enough it seems as though one more thing just has to heap on the pile.

for example: today kelsey was sleeping so i decided to go downstairs and add some finishing touches on a "sound booth" they were making for school. (that would be a very large refrigerator box whose inner walls are filled with foam). so...while i am still struggling with this wicked cold and a monster headache i was trying to put another coat of paint on the refrigerator box and i look over across the room and my washing machine is overflowing (kinda like that episode of the brady bunch) and my phone is is tim telling me that he just had a bad coughing fit and was spitting up blood.

there are days when i wonder if this is all just a nasty dream...but then i realize that not even i could sleep that long.

turns out the refigerator box will have to do with the way it is...the washing machine bit the dust...and tim is doing a bit better tonight. his esophagus is a mess again with those blisters and stuff so that is probably where the blood was coming from. he went to the day hospital today and we are still on schedule for admission thursday sometime. they call us when a bed comes available-which is usually between 2-4pm.

i know that by now there must be a few of you out there that don't know me very well and are thinking that "she must exaggerate when she updates this blog" reality if anything i do the exact opposite. there are many things that never hit the blog...sometimes at my husbands request and other times at my request. this my friends is the real deal.

i like to try and add some positive to all this negative once in here goes. i have a friend back home in berwick who reads the blog faithfully everyday. today about 20 minutes before the washer died i got the mail and her and her husband sent us a card. in the card was a check...not quite enough to cover the cost of a new washer but certainly enough to take the pressure off having to buy a new washer in the next couple of days. God is good and God is faithful...He know our needs before we do and He always provides.

off to bed...

thanks for checking in.

tim and tammy

ps...for those of you wondering about meg...she was NOT able to sing tonight. sore throat, blocked ears and icky drainage puts a damper on a soloist. maybe next year. good luck to sammy and daniel who compete tomorrow.


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