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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

new orleans trip

you have to forgive me if i don't make a lot of sense while attempting to describe this trip that kelsey was on...but this is my "wild" child and i am getting bits and pieces of random information and i am trying to put it all together.

first off...they had a wonderful time on this trip. it was a smooth flight down and back and no problems with any of the transportation (that was worthy of mentioning to me anyway...) based on the fact that out of the 490 pictures she took a LARGE percentage of the pictures are of clouds and the plane i would say it is safe to assume that kelsey likes to fly!!!

they got down to new orleans on a monday night and stayed at a place called camp hope is basically a large room full of rows and rows of bunks, a large room for social times, a cafe to eat in and an area to study in (with a computer area). i heard once about there being a "dance-off" one night...i heard no complaints about the food...each time she called home i heard TONS of laughter and craziness.

i had already posted the mold re-activation that was being done on the first day and i guess that later led to other POST re-activation "STUFF" being done. somehow they killed the mold and then primered over the killed mold...such technical stuff.

based on the many many pictures of horses i understood they went to a farm to buy trees which they spent an entire day planting. i have lots of pictures of clouds and lots of pictures of horses and lots of pictures of bourbon street...i don't think i have a picture of any trees.

i have pictures of the kids working hard in the house...

i have pictures of kids hanging from the rafters in the house...

i have pictures of the kids with the home owners...i think it is so cool that these kids get to meet the people they are helping. they will ALWAYS remember this trip and the fact that even though they had fun...they gave a huge gift to these folks and to themselves. i am a HUGE believer that the blessings that go out always find a way to come back around.

after a hard week of working in the house they took the kids on a college campus tour of tulane university (it would have been nice to catch a campus that did NOT cost $42,000 a year) kelsey LOVED the campus....oh goody.

they also went down to the french quarter and bourbon street. they saw the hurricane katrina memorial. i wish i could share all the pictures with you but i am limited to just this one on this post...i could go on and on and on...but the best way to describe it was that "it was an awesome experience".

(megan went last year and still talks about the trip)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great to hear about Kelsey's trip. These trips leave lasting memories.
Take care. Have a restful weekend, enjoy Megan being home.
Jim and Judy

March 05, 2010 1:36 PM  

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