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Saturday, September 25, 2010

new age...

did you know that one can hire someone to be a "virtual trainer"?

i was inquiring about getting a personal trainer to get me back on the exercise track...and i came upon this new concept (made for the busy people of this decade i guess)

after the initial in-person fitness assessment (more on that a bit later) and the first one hour workout i correspond with ROB via e-mail for six weeks and then i go back in for another fitness assessment.

bizarre i know

the primary goal is to make sure that your second fitness test scores higher than your first...which in my case should not be very hard to do.

does the phrase "well below average" tell you anything??? i told a co-worker that i was going to get a t-shirt that says that. YES...every single part of the test that involved me doing anything CARDIO came back with the same response..."well below average".

i couldn't just be average or below average...i had to be well below average...and NO they do not have a lower rating than that except maybe "comatose" or "dead". now the results did not all come back so negative...infact...bad as i did in the cardio...i did fantastic in all the strength tests that i had. (but how many 40-something year old women do you know that are happy to be told they can leg press 325 pounds without breaking a sweat?)

in summary i am extremely strong and can lift an enormous amount of weight but i can't run up a flight of stairs.

so...back to the treadmill and elliptical we go. goody.

i now get daily assignments via e-mail and the kids are to make sure that i am taking them serious and so far so good. although i was kinda surprised of the intensity and frequency of the assignments. i thought that we kinda talked about 3 times a week and i am getting assignments 6 days a week...he lets me have sunday off. each daily assignment lasts about one hour and it is taking me some time to figure out when i have a spare hour in my day but i will work it out somehow. i need to get serious again and start working on that CARDIO issue. the diet will soon follow...didn't want to set myself up for failure by starting BEFORE the bloomsburg fair.

wish me luck.

thanks for checking in



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy, Wondering if you will share the virtual trainer information source. Also, my experience has been that working out involves longer than an hour ~ get dressed and drive to the gym, work out, drag oneself home, rest, hydrate, shower, dress and rest again ~ that's at least 2.5 hrs ;) You are fortunate to have the elliptical in your home ~ enjoy!


September 26, 2010 7:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why no posting since 9/25?????

Hope everything is okay on your end.


October 14, 2010 10:37 AM  

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