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Sunday, March 28, 2010

by request...

i have had some inquiries as to how my "no excuses" book is coming along...i must admit that i am only about half way through the book but i have learned a lot. my accountability partner has "requested" (she prefers that word over "demand" or "requires") that i send her a summary of each chapter and how it related to me and my diet world and although at times i find it rather annoying it has actually been quite good for me.

i try to only read a chapter a day and that way i can "think on these things" throughout the would be amazed at how many times throughout a day i can make an excuse for this or for sad.

out of the 18 top excuses there were a few that really stood out to are MY top 4 followed by the affirmation that i now use to substitute that excuse. i personally was NEVER an affirmation kind of person but my AP is HUGE on the concept and this author also seems to be a big fan. i guess it is growing on me a bit.

1. I'M TOO BUSY: as i unclutter my life, i free myself to answer the callings of my soul.

2. I'M NOT STRONG ENOUGH: i have access to unlimited assistance. my strength comes from my connection to my God.

3. IT WILL BE DIFFICULT: i have the ability to accomplish any task i set my mind to with ease and comfort.

4. NO ONE WILL HELP ME: the right circumstances and the right people are already here and will show up on time.

after i got through all those excuses and how to tackle them the book goes on to identify 7 principles that apply to ridding yourself of the habit of excuses.

here is a brief review of the principles...

1. become AWARE of your potential for greatness and the power of your mind

2. ALIGN yourself by thinking like God thinks

3. live here and NOW in your mind as well as in your body

4. CONTEMPLATE what you are, rather than what you want to become

5. be WILLING to allow health, happiness, and success to flow into your life

6. be PASSIONATE about everyone and everything that enters your life

7. want more for others than you do for yourself; that is, be COMPASSIONATE

out of the seven principles i think my biggest issue was with #5...WILLINGNESS. in my head i want to be fit and healthy but once i REALLY took a look at what it means to be willing i was amazed how unwilling i really was.

for i willing to take TOTAL responsibility of ALL the consequences of my life? including the current status of my body AND all that i am, all that i have, all that i don't have, and all that has come my way??? am i willing to SURRENDER? am i willing to hold the vision? and am i willing to shed all UNWILLINGNESS?

this was a rough chapter for me...ALL consequences of my life right now...NO EXCUSES...TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY!!! ouch.

it becomes kinda painful to admit that i am willing to do that with all aspects of my life BUT right now i am just talking about the DIET portion. can i admit that i am TOTALLY responsible for the current status of my body and all that i am and all that i have and all that i don't have and all that has come my way?

no blaming the stress of having a sick husband for years

no blaming the stress of being a widow at 47

no blaming the fact that i had three kids

no blaming the stress involving financial issues

no blaming the fact that i hurt everywhere when i exercise

no blaming the alignment of the stars

no blaming the fact that i now have three teenagers

no blaming DNA

no blaming bad knees

no blaming all those years of having to watch barney

no blaming a carbohydrate addiction

no blaming no blaming no blaming

(you think this book might be good for me)

take total responsibility!!!

once that is done you go back up to the NOW statement and start looking back at the past and no blaming anyone or anything. i need to see myself the way i want to be and just do it!!! interesting approach but once i shift the blame off of everyone and everything it becomes a VERY PERSONAL battle.


scary huh???

thanks for checking in


ps...yes i am only half way through this book...pray for me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy,

Wow ~ this seems to hit home, right in the heart. I wonder if you would share the name of the book.

Thinking and praying for you.


April 03, 2010 5:55 AM  

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