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Sunday, May 16, 2010

i can only imagine...

i can only imagine what you are thinking looking at that picture...

lets just say that it was the best way to express the way i am feeling on this sunday evening, may 16th, 2010.

the twins birthday is today. they are!!!

a few days ago twin #1 came up to me and asked if she could have a b-day party at the house. i of course asked for details and she assured me that if she could just invite 20 friends over for burgers and hot dogs on the grill and a bon-fire it would be just perfect...didn't sound too bad.

then a couple of hours later twin #2 came up to me and asked if she could have a b-day party at the house. same time and same location and same menu but she needed her OWN 20 friends to it is getting scary.

was this a set up or what???

so here i am...a chaperone at my own home with approximately 48 kids outside playing bean bag toss, volleyball, bouncing on the trampoline, grilling burgers, making s'mores, eating cake (s), listening to something gross they call music.

the kids have actually been REALLY good...a few cake icing battles and lots of flying ice from the coolers, one kid sat on a roasted marshmallow and one needed some minor first aid...but overall it wasn't bad at all.

they all have to be gone by 10pm but then we have to clean up...but no worries...i just finished my third cup of coffee. meg and a friend were here for support and security if needed.

stay tuned...later this week i will fill you in on the details of the golf outing we had was awesome. (it would be better to wait until i come off my caffeine high)

thanks for checking in



Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was hard to believe that it was the twins birthday yesterday. Kevin said that the cake for the girls was great on Saturday (not for his diet though). Where did our fourth graders go? I just can't believe it.....Lu Ann

May 17, 2010 8:48 AM  

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