Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

Sunday, January 09, 2011

april 2006-january 2010

well...the time is finally here to say good-bye.

it has been quite a journey over these past 5+ years. for many of those years this blog has been my dear friend. it was a way for me to keep everyone near and far up-to-date on what was going on with the dewalts during our most challenging years. it was a place that i could come and cry and a place that i could come and laugh and a place that i could find a multitude of people praying for us.

but now i feel that it is time to put this blog to rest...a part of me is sad but it has become a real struggle for me to keep this updated. so before i leave i will give a quick update on the girls.

megan-heading back today (after the farm show of course) to PSU for her spring semester of her sophomore year. she will once again be involved in THON this year. FTK. she was able to land a "paid" internship this summer in camp hill so she will be around. then hopefully she will be heading for a "study abroad" semester. her destination is still not confirmed but she has narrowed it down to three (italy, australia or ireland).

kelsey-my sports nut. ski club every tuesday night (she is a snow boarder) and indoor soccer on the weekends. school soccer practice twice a week and off to the gym inbetween. she has finished up her college applications and we are waiting to hear back from a few yet then she will decide where she will be spending her next four years.

ashley-has seemed to find her niche in cadet teaching. she spends part of everyday at the elementary school helping in the first grade learning support class...she LOVES it and has decided to hopefully make a career out of it. awesome. she also is waiting to hear back from some colleges but will probably be a lady lion in altoona. less that 9 months i will have THREE kids in college at the same time. keep praying for me.

ok...about today!!! today is the second anniversary of tim's passing. i thought it would be a good day to send off my final farewell blog. for the last month or so i was wondering what i would write and last night one of the kids said something profound and so i am going to borrow it.

when we were talking about the fact that today was going to be the anniversary day she looked at me and said "i just don't get it". i don't understand why that day would be any worse than any other day. so we chatted a bit and she was so right...i missed him on christmas this year terribly. she said she misses him every time she watches the little league world series. watching the dolphins and the mets and LSU baseball is a struggle. others see a church league or fast pitch softball game and miss him. others see a pepsi truck going down the highway and miss him. for some it is a golf match. for some it is childrens church. others it is the first day of buck season or the berwick marathon. this list could go on and on and on.

so...yes today is the day that we engraved on the head stone but each morning i wake up and he is not laying in bed next to me is the real day that i miss him the most.

thank you all so much for taking this journey will us. this blog has certainly served it's purpose and will be missed but it is time to move on. if anyone wishes to comment of this post i will certainly still be receiving the comments but i will not be adding anymore entries after today. you can also contact me via e-mail if you would prefer:

from me and the girls...

thanks for checking in...


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