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Monday, June 01, 2009

golf tournament

as many of you are aware...some very dear friends of ours held a golf tournament this past weekend. it was called a memorial tournament in memory of tim and all the proceeds are going directly to the girls education fund.

it was amazing...the weather was great and the turn out was awesome.

there were 88 golfers (as you can see...ashley was one of them) and about 35 others joined us for the dinner afterwards.

local people golfed...

out of towners golfed...

out of staters golfed...

non-golfers watched and cheered them on...

i wrote up a little thank you note on the back of the program that went something like this:

once again it is hard to find the words to express our heart-felt gratitude towards everyone involved in this event. from the coordinators to those who made donations to the hole sponsors to those who participated in the silent auction to the golfers to the volunteers to those who dined...we say THANK YOU. tim would be so pleased and proud of the way everyone is looking after our family. the proceeds of this event are going directly towards the girls college education-a gift that will last forever.

may GOD bless each and everyone of you

tammy, megan, kelsey and ashley

we do not have a final tally of the funds raised because the silent auction is still going on...until this friday at 5pm...but i can tell you that the number is staggering (to me anyway). i hope to be able to let you know the final amount in a week or so...we have been so BLESSED.

thanks for all your prayers

thanks for all your support

thanks for checking in



it was so great to see tim's old work buddies...thanks for coming out to support us...i miss seeing you guys (and gals). still drinking PEPSI (and DR PEPPER) and forever will!!! love you guys. i actually cried myself to sleep that night...not because i was sad but i had this overwhelming sense that tim was so close. (kinda weird i know) i don't know what he knows and what he doesn't know but i DO KNOW that he was one awesome guy and he had a great group of awesome friends.


Blogger Craig said...

The tournament was awesome. Perfect weather, perfect atmosphere. Before the tournament we said a prayer, and dedicated our round to Uncle Tim. We wanted to win it for him, but I think Tim would be happy that we got 4th and had a lot of fun.

The people involved in running this tournament deserve a pat on the back. Each golfer got lunch, dinner, and special gifts...many of which had some piece of Tim with them. There were a lot of great silent auction items as well. Should make for a great contribution to the girls!

To everyone involved in any way shape or form, thank you!

June 01, 2009 8:50 PM  
Anonymous The Gillott's said...

Sorry we couldn't make it! Loved your last 4 updates! Still Praying! can't wait to hang out again!
PB and the Fam

June 02, 2009 2:30 AM  

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