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Monday, May 25, 2009

weeds vs tammy

as you all have figured out by now i am not all that fond of doing the outside "manly" yard work...or the inside "girly" house work. add that to the fact that now i have to do BOTH and it creates a whole new outlook on life...i will try to keep this PG-13.

the actual mowing of the grass has become a weekly event that i have become used to and i don't even really complain about it too much any more. the exercise is good for me and i feel somewhat "proud of myself " when i get the grass mowed and it looks so nice (is that bad?)

so you all know that my father-in-law bought me the "red" lawn mower and after some minor battles between man (woman) and machine i feel that i have won that battle... because i didn't want to have to keep borrowing the neighbors weed wacker i asked a few "guy" friends what they would recommend that i buy.

one recommended an electric weed wacker that was light weight and easy to use...the only problem is that we only have an electrical outlit on the front side of the house and that would be one amazingly LONG extension cord.

one recommended a battery operated weed wacker that was light weight and easy to use...the only problem here was that i needed to remember to keep that battery charged and when i used to borrow the neighbors i always needed the second battery to finish the yard.

one recommended that the only way to go was a "gasoline-powered get the job done" weed wacker...almost saying that the other ones were in that "whimpy" category of lawn gadgets.

the only thing i knew was that it had to be a RED weed wacker because i couldn't stand the thought of not having matching lawn care gadgets!!! so off to the store i should see ALL THE CHOICES of weed wackers that are out there...i finally narrowed the choice down to 4 red ones and maybe it was because i was in a "manly" store...i found what i thought to be a "manly" 4-cycle RED weed wacker. (i had no idea what that meant other than you didn't have to mix the gas and the oil in a 4-cycle but you did have to in a two cycle). i didn't want to get a "whimpy" lawn i wonder why i didn't want to get a "whimpy" lawn was just a weird kind of "i can do anything i put my mind to" kind of thought...stupid thought i now know.

i was so proud of my purchase...and the fact that i brought it home AND put it together. i read the directions on how to prime and how to use the choke and how to put in the gas and how to start it...the only thing that wasn't in the instruction manual was the little side fact that my weed wacker was possessed!!!

i used to have plastic covers over all the basement i just have piles of plastic where the covers used to be.

i used to have telephone service into the house...actually we were lucky...the phone line had a hard coating over the line that is now mutilated but we still have a dial tone (for now).

i used to have a few flowers coming up out of the ground...poor things.

i used to have a box of band-aids in the house...but i had to use them all to patch up my legs (NEVER wear capri's when you try to wack the weeds with this evil weed wacker)

i used to think that doing yard work was the easy part of "the home owners responsibility" but i now think differently about the whole process of being a home owner. i actually have a brand new appreciation for all the single parents out there in cyberspace (widowed or divorced or never married) we have a tough job and each day brings new challenges. pray for us. i don't like having to be the dad and the mom every single really sucks some days. and talk about an identity crisis...well that is saved for another blog.

right now my weed wacker is not functional (i have used it twice). it has no cord coming out of the little do-dad at the bottom. perhaps it is because it is scared to come out because of all the cement and brick and wood that it comes in contact with. perhaps it is jammed inside. perhaps i used it all (doubtful) killing my plastic covers.

whatever the reason i have asked a friend of mine to stop by to take a look at it (preferably while he was working). you see this friend of mine is a state trooper and therefore would be carrying a loaded gun (just incase).

i am considering e-bay or a priest.

wish me luck

thanks for checking in



Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an interesting and exciting Memorial Day! You are right on about all the domestic responsibilities of a single person. Perhaps you can enlist your daughters to help out.

Thanks for the laughs ~ it completes our day! Please consider the book.

Continuing to pray,

Louis and Martha

May 25, 2009 7:46 PM  
Blogger Deb D said...

I ask you again... Please make sure the girls are safely indoors during all yard work!
I really need to be praying more...


May 25, 2009 7:52 PM  
Blogger Katie Dewalt said...

I feel cheated. I'm not working so if I didn't live out here in "crazy-land" I could be taking pictures of your efforts and post them on Youtube.

Perhaps you should sell "Damien," retire "the cool red lawn mower" and get a goat!

Not only would it take care of your lawn/weed'd have a source of goat 'juice.'

Imagine! Goat's Milk Cheese(loved by Trappist Monks and the French.) Goat's milk yogurt (Very rich and particularly good with berries blended in.)
As an added source of income, you could supply goat's milk for those who can't handle cow's milk. (Christy was one of those babies. Her little system could handle goat's milk and she loved it, but she stunk so badly of goat...I considered tethering her in the yard.)

Maybe you could even train it to be a "watch goat" so you would never again have an unwelcome visitor.

Anyway...most important would be the awesome entertainment value of your blog once you added a goat to the household.

Just an idea and I'm full of it...uh...I mean "them."

Keep 'em comin'
I so look forward to your adventures.
XO from Aunt Katie

May 25, 2009 8:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AS a single mom I can relate to your lawn experience. Rally who thought it could be so hard at times. I bought a week wacker 2 years ago and I think I've used it once maybe twice. Definately not as easy as it looks.
I really think you should write a book. You have a great way of looking at things.
Lita Heckler

May 27, 2009 3:43 PM  

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