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Thursday, April 01, 2010

chain of events...

a typical day at the dewalt household...

mid-morning i check my e-mail and find an e-mail from the guidance counselor at the school informing me that she is concerned that ashley has signed up for a dodge ball tournament...

at noon-time i call the concussion doctor to see if she should be playing dodge ball i already don't know the answer (but it is always better to have a higher authority than mom make a decision like that)

after a 20 minute conversation weighing the risks and the benefits of allowing her to enter the tournament the doctor decided to let me decide (with some recommendations if she did play). oh goody!! this is a tournament to raise money for the haiti relief fund so i didn't want to just tell her she couldn't do it if she really felt strongly about it but i also know that there are risks involved with another head injury.

so...after work i decide that i needed to sit her down and chat about her deciding to play and how badly she wanted to play and yadda yadda yadda and you will never guess what she said to me...

MOM...did you really think that i would sign up for a dodge ball tournament without asking you first???? (i call this the shrinking mom syndrome)

apparently she NEVER even considered joining the tournament BUT her and a friend were JOKING around in class saying that they should get a team together and go HARD-CORE and make t-shirts and signs and stuff...and a teacher overheard part of the conversation and told the guidance counselor who then told me who then called the doctor and here we are...feeling foolish.

i guess there is a lot to learn about this day...i guess the doctor had no reason to doubt me and i had no reason to doubt the guidance counselor and she had no reason to doubt the teacher that heard the conversation...BIZARRE.

ashley time just text me and ask!!!

i think i may just have to do that. it is not just the kids that get only part of a conversation and go with it...maybe we can all learn from my wacky day. i was impressed though with how quickly the school responded to something that they THOUGHT might be dangerous for one of my kids. they have really been great...we keep an open line of communication and that is reassuring for me. she still has testing issues and she is exempt from taking the large junior year PSSA tests that are coming up. so...keep praying that we get a FULL RECOVERY soon. the longer the symptoms last post-concussion the more likely they will be permanent. she still has her senior year of high school, SAT's and 4-years of college that she is interested in...

thanks for checking in



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