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Monday, August 24, 2009

BIG week...

emotionally draining week for the mom...

first off ashley can still use some prayers...we are one week post-fall and she is still having all sorts of issues with her head. a headache that won't quit and lots of nausea and still some vomiting and her taste buds are all screwed up. keep praying for a speedy recovery...she will never be able to start school next week if this headache doesn't let up.

megan has arrived...her dream come true...she is officially a UNIVERSITY PARK PENN STATER!!!!

we got her moved in on saturday and all is well. she started classes today and so far so good.

everyone is asking me how it went for me dropping her off...actually i have to admit it went surprisingly well. i am not sure if it was that my week was so crazy with ashley's injury that it hasn't sunk in yet or if with all that i have be through recently i consider this a GOOD thing.

she has been so excited and anxious to get out there and get started that i guess i am SO HAPPY for her that i forgot to act like all the other parents there!!! (the kids usually like it when i try to blend in with the other normal parents in society...oops)

when i think back to a year ago when tim and i would discuss her wanting to go to to PSU we didn't have a clue how we were going to swing her going to college with all his medical stuff going on. but he would ALWAYS say that she could go wherever she wanted to go and we would somehow work out the details when the time came. he never doubted that things would work out...and although it was not exactly the way either one of us wanted...he was right. this past week i have missed him SO MUCH...think about him SO MUCH...its been a tad bit rough on that front.

the only "inkling" of emotion i had all move-in day was after we left i went to dinner with my dad and he said that he wished tim could have been there to see her on that "freshman move-in day". she was so pumped but trying hard not to show it. my dad said that he knew it was always tims dream to see his kids get off to college...he was so proud of his kids. i said that if tim was there we never would have left...he would have still been there at 10pm making sure she was ok and she had everything she needed!!! he would be wanting to check the dorm locks and meet the RA and find out where all her classes were and locate all the PEPSI vending machines and ask why she picked a co-ed dorm... perhaps in some ways it is a good thing i did this alone.

well...time to share the computer...kelsey keeps pacing past me.

thanks for checking in




Anonymous Anonymous said...

We continue to pray for Ashley. We are also praying for you and Megan (and Kelsey). So many major changes in your lives in such a short amount of time. Only God can give you strength and peace. God is faithful! Enjoy today. Praying for you guys!
Jim and Judy

August 25, 2009 7:54 AM  

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