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Monday, September 28, 2009


...i have a few minutes to update.

lets start off with ashley. she is doing MUCH better and actually survived a full week of school doing full-days. she was able to catch up in most of her classes but she still has some outstanding assignments in a few of them... she has been a real trooper. i just have to keep reminding her that her goal is to be SLOW AND STEADY and not race to see how quickly she can get caught up. we are still going to have to get a math tutor since that class is tough without a concussion but she is ok about that.

megan has been fighting a terrible "cold" know the one that starts off with all the symptoms of the swine flu...achey, fever, sore throat, ect...but just the time she thought she should go see the campus doc she started feeling much better. she had to miss a day of classes...but seems better now.

ashley and i went out to happy WET valley on was the strangest feeling being inside that stadium (besides being soaked to the...well you don't need all the details). i am not usually a very sentimental kind of mom but when i looked over into that VERY WHITE-OUT student section and saw the intensity of those kids knowing that my daughter was one of them i almost cried...that has been megan's dream since she was about 4 years old and there she was...i was having one of those PROUD MOM moments...and then PSU lost to IOWA (again) and i really did cry!!!!

kelsey went to the beach this weekend...the story goes that they started out in a tent on the sandy beach of wildwood and ended up waking up in a lake. the rains came in and when i say in i mean IN THE TENT...from the bottom up. her 2 pound sleeping bag came home weighing about 40 pounds (and is now out to the curb for garbage pick-up). i hate sand!!! we could probably build our own sand volleyball course in the back yard with all the sand she brought home. but she keeps telling me how much fun she had...oh to be 16 again.

well, we are off to the bloomsburg fair this morning...the kids have off for a jewish holiday so we are hitting up the fair for a bit. i am SO EXCITED. i love the fair.

thanks for checking in



Blogger Wendy said...

Have fun at the fair. I am sure you will not leave hungry.

Ashley really looked good yesterday. I am very happy to see that she is making progress.

You have every right to be a proud MOM! Just wish those Lions could have won....

Love, Wendy

September 28, 2009 12:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

we had a great time at the fair. and loved the peach dumplings from bissinger's. thanks for all the tips. it is going to be an annual thing now!

jaime h

September 28, 2009 4:19 PM  

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