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Friday, September 11, 2009

odd week... lady in the office of the high school said that i am at the school so much i should be on the payroll. i told her that i at least should get a parking space!!!

we had a good week as far as ashley feeling a bit better but not much improvement in the area of her short term memory loss. she still gets the headaches but they are not nearly as severe because she has learned to stop whatever she is doing when they appear.

after meeting with the doctor and the school nurse and the guidance office and a teacher or two and the asst superintendent...we have finally settled on a compressed schedule that has most of her core classes into a "morning only" slot. i then pick her up at around noon-time and she comes home and goes right to bed.

she has had to drop a class and re-arrange a class and there is one class that she still has never been in...this is turning out to be quite a start to her junior year!! homework is given but there are nights when she just can't get it done (but that is ok for now). there are NO TESTS allowed to be taken but the teachers are to try to assess orally what she is retaining, if anything, from the day before. the maths seem to be giving her the most grief right now. (that would be algebra II and the chemistry maths).

we have talked about cyber-school and we have talked about summer school.

some have advised dropping the maths...some have advised just auditing the class...some have advised the "lets just wait and see" and that is where we are right now.

we have talked about every option that the school has available but because there is NO TIME-LINE as of now we are leery to pull her totally out of the school day yet. we go back to the neurologist next friday to have her evaluated and see where we are in this process...hopefully by then she will start to improve. she is stressing a bit about getting so far behind. it is hard when you start to physically feel better but you can't get your brain to catch up with the rest of the "stuff".

keep praying.

i am going to try a work a bit next has been really hard. she doesn't want to EVER be alone.

keep praying.

go lions!!


ps...pray for megan out at PSU as the swine flu is beginning to surface!!! many of the study rooms in the dorms are starting to be used for isolation rooms and certain bathrooms are OFF limits and many masks are being worn by the sick students. is it a bad thing that i wish the game this week was an away game so she is not compressed in that stadium with 110,000 people?!?!


Blogger Katie Dewalt said...

Got behind again in checking in. I'm sad to hear that Ashley is still struggling somewhat, but it does sound like she's making progress.
I had the worst time in Algebra and didn't even try to do Chemistry, and although there's no proof that I fell on my head, there's also no proof that I didn't!
I wish I'd had a legitimate reason for being such a lunk-head in Algebra & Statistics.
Ashley, on the other hand, has a legitimate reason for the muddled thinking and difficulty in retention, but I believe that she will continue to improve.
As for getting behind, please tell her that in the great scheme of things, a few months---or several months---are of no permanent consequence. She is young and time is not the same for young people.
Continuing to pray...
XO x 4 (see---i can do Math!)
Aunt Katie

September 13, 2009 1:47 AM  

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