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Saturday, September 05, 2009

new update...

...after the doctors appt.

i asked ashley how she thought the appt went and she said that she thought it could have been better but it could have been worse...i guess that sums it up.

well...we confirmed that she does indeed have a concussion. not just any 'ole concussion but one that is showing 4 of the 4 major categories of symptoms that may be present. the only thing that she has going in her favor is that she does NOT have amnesia (which falls within one of the categories).

they classify or batch all the symptoms into different categories based on where or how the brain works. we actually found out that she has many more symptoms (within each of the categories) than we originally thought-oh goodie.

because of the severity of her headaches and numerous other symptoms they opted to wait to do any of the major neurological testing until our next visit in two weeks.

because of the severity of her headaches and numerous other symptoms we have STRICT orders to cut back on some things:

like school

like taking tests

like homework

like computer time

like texting time

like thinking

like anything physical

how many of you out there would just LOVE a note like that for work!?!?!

(unfortunately my 16 year old IS LESS THAN THRILLED)

she is just a few hours a day shy of total bed/couch rest!!! they are going to allow her (if tolerated) to attend school a few hours a day. but even with attending a shortened day she will NOT be able to take ANY tests plus she pretty much has no time-lines (or due dates) for homework or projects that may be assigned. she can take naps whenever needed. she can come home whenever needed. KINDA puts a damper on a parents work week doesn't it!!!

she is very sensitive to loud noises and bright lights. she is very sensitive to life in general. all very normal for this type of injury. her memory loss is very normal and he was very careful about his wording...but she SHOULD have a full recovery...just not tomorrow or the next day!!!

we talked about time-lines-nothing written in stone

we talked about long-term options if needed

we talked about medication options if needed

we talked about me taking a leave of absence from work if needed

PRAY for us.

kelsey gets tired of hearing me talk about the broken leg...but the analogy that the doctor gave ashley was fantastic. he asked her what happens when someone would fracture their leg. she said that they would put it into a cast to protect it. he said that the same thing that happened to that leg happened to her brain but that he CAN"T cast the brain. what if we wouldn't cast the broken leg? you would have to be on bed rest so the leg could heal. but what if you decided to get up and walk to the kitchen on that broken leg? or decided to go play soccer? you would have extreme PAIN and it could make the healing process take even longer if you continue to use the unprotected leg. JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN'T SEE THE BROKEN BRAIN DOESN'T MAKE IT ANY LESS BROKEN!!!!

thanks for checking in

go lions!!!



Blogger Katie Dewalt said...

I did not know that Ashley had pulled a potential "Humpty Dumpty!" Thank God that you have great doctors in place of "...all the king's horses..." etc.
Donna actually told me in an e-mail that one of your beautiful girls fell down the cellar steps! I was shocked---and so sorry to hear it!
I know that you have plenty of people as a support system, but---as usual---I am too far away to do anything practical.
So I will pray more.
xo to all of you,
Aunt Katie

September 07, 2009 3:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Dewalts sure do know how to complicate things. Will continue to pray for a positive outcome real soon.

September 08, 2009 11:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy,
You all have been and will continue to be in our prayers!

God Bless,
Michaele Beistline

September 10, 2009 9:32 AM  

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