Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

Thursday, November 19, 2009

it's here...

the time you have all been waiting for...

my exercise stories...

since my AP (accountablitity partner) forced (sorry-encouraged) me to clear all the clothes off and find the treadmill to go on my 3-mile hike (sorry-penance for my smore adventure) i decided that i should continue walking for a healthier me (or maybe incase i find myself in that predictament again).

can you tell that my AP is not a blogger...

i figure i have "been there done that" before so i am good to go...wrong!!!

i started out doing a little stretching...finding out that nothing seems to want to stretch. things are where they are and they intend to stay put.

i doubt this is a good thing.

so off to the basement...yes, i put the porch light on first...and i hopped on the treadmill and vaguely remember that i was doing the CARDIO workout before so that was the button i pressed. yes...i am sure you are all amused already. it has been months and months since i have completed one of those pre-set programs and now it is all coming back to me-painfully coming back to me.

today i get to totally embarass myself by admitting that this morning i actually spoke to my treadmill and slapped my treadmill. and i consider myself a quiet non-violent kind of person...

let me start off my saying that perhaps i have overshot on my abilities abit...just because one loses 15 pounds one does not automatically become more fit...duh!! more stupid perhaps but not more fit.

i have a newer version of a treadmill that has all these fancy buttons and beeps and things...and when one presses a pre-set program there are these interval beeps that tell you that the treadmill is going to be switching something. it can be the speed or the incline and it can go up or down or faster or slower.

so i get on the thing and it starts out rather nice...does a little warm-up session and then beeps that we are going to start the program. every so often it will beep and i will glance down and look at the screen and see that it will be inclining a bit or speeding up a bit...and once in a while it will beep and decline a bit and slow down a bit.

BUT at about 5 minutes left in the program it started to incline and it started to speed up and i was really struggling to keep up...i mean really struggling to keep up...i mean i was hanging on for dear life to the side bars...and finally (thank god) it beeped. it beeped but nothing didn't slow down. it didn't decline. i felt like i was on an episode of "final destination". i was NOT a happy was VERY RISKY but i actually let go of one of the side bars and slapped the console and said "come something". (yes...i yelled at my treadmill) at about that time it beeped again and started to slow down and i was able to jump off and save myself.

was the treadmill malfunctioning...NO

was i malfunctioning...YES

once the program was over you can look at this screen that shows that at about 5 minutes left it really pushes you to get the most of your workout and it shows that it lingers at the highest incline and the fastest speed of that program for twice the time as normal.

so now i have to go back downstairs and apologize to my was only doing what i asked it to now i am yelling at myself to be more careful what buttons i press next time.

what a you tube video that would have been. thank goodness i have the ability to exercise in the privacy of my own home...why i go and tell all of you what happens in the privacy of my own home is beyond me...but i feel that on some level somewhere out there is another person struggling and suffering right along with me. (and if not i am still going to pretend)

thanks for checking in



Blogger Wendy said...


You go girl.....Keep doing it and it will get easier. I think I would have hit the big STOP button so you are truly taking this serious. Keep up the good work and the great blog entries. It makes my days.


November 19, 2009 12:07 PM  
Blogger Deb D said...

Definitely think about getting a video! :)


November 19, 2009 3:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work. It is encouraging me to think about my weight and exercise so you are my hero. Enjoy the beautiful day today. Lu Ann

November 20, 2009 2:58 PM  

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