Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


i know that everyone has bad habits and most of the time they are aware of these habits and just ignore them...for example-if one bites ones nails one knows that it is a nasty habit but chooses to continue anyway.

recently i have come to find out that it is possible to have bad habits that one may not be aware of until one tries to change a particular area of their lives. it actually has been quite a revelation to discover that i actually had this many habits that have to be dealt with...actually quite sad.

habit #1

EVERY night the girls have plans and i am going to be home alone for dinner i would call "curb-side" at macaroni grill (its on speed dial in my cell) and order take out chicken scaloppine with a side salad AND tiramisu and occasionally i will add the tomato brushetta. just for fun i calculated the nutritional facts of this meal: 2212 calories and 143 carbs and this is without the bread in the dipping oil. how many of you think this would classify as a "bad" habit?

habit #2

i call this one "leave no evidence". i had this discussion with a co-worker and we both have developed the same "bad" habit. remember that this started when i was NOT on a diet and i had NO accountabilty issues. if i open up a box of cupcakes OR a bag of cookies (especially those fudge dipped mint oreos) i eat the whole box or bag in one afternoon. and i have NO IDEA why i would have had to do one would have known if i ate them over a week or in one day. sometimes i would even start in the van on the way home from the grocery store...NOW that is an addict. good thing it is to carbs and not drugs or alcohol!!!

these are just 2 of the few habits that i have noticed...i classify them as habits because there are numerous times when all i can think about is calling macaroni grill...that take-out guy is surely wondering where i have been...i was a good tipper and i really liked him. he would give me a table cover and crayons with my dinner.

and the issue with eating the whole container...still an issue even if it is not sweets...bizarre i know. still working on this one.


how true. everything that one does comes with a price...and this is my time to suck it up and pay the price for my lack of healthy eating and exercise.

bet you all can't wait until i start on that treadmill again...i have been waiting for the withdrawl symptoms to go away. it will be soon and don't worry-you will all know when i start adding exercise to this diet misery.

thanks for checking in...have a celery stick.



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