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Sunday, July 25, 2010


i have heard that the sting of a jellyfish is excruciating...

if you were to guess which one of my kids have found this fact out first hand...which kid do you think it would be? you guessed it...ashley spent quite a bit of time with RODNEY (well, it probably was not actually rodney the lifeguard at ocean city because she is in virginia beach but she did say that he was a "hotty")

i guess if you are a 17 year old female who just got stung in the small of your back you would want your lifeguard to be:

#1 be a guy

#2 be a hotty

#3 have a bottle of vinegar

i was not aware that vinegar was the treatment of choice for this type of sting...she called early to see if she could take some pain meds...the red mark is the size of her guy-friends hand. the poor thing said it hurt and she cryed...i felt really bad for her.

megan survived the severe thunderstorm and tornado warning in the mountains of new york far so good

can i just tell you that since my kids have been gone i have talked to them more than i did when they were home...go figure. i actually went to a movie tonight and had to leave the theatre to give ashley permission to take pain meds. this is NOT how i envisioned my empty nest to be.

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Blogger Deb D said...

If it makes her feel any better, Lindz got 14 bee stings at a photo shoot in Jim Thorpe. Ya just never know! (although with Ashley, it is a bit predictable :)


July 27, 2010 4:51 PM  

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