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Monday, October 12, 2009

less than 1%

The best way for me to describe how Ashley is doing is to tell you what the doctor told us on our last visit. After evaluating her on-line neurological test it was determined that out of 10,000 individuals who were given the same test, Ashley fell into the less than 1% in her short term memory. She also still gets frequent severe headaches...especially while reading and trying to concentrate on a subject for a period of time. She is experiencing depression symptoms (which we are told is quite normal but still frustrating none the less). We have NOT been given any sort of time-line when she will improve.

We are giving her medication to treat some of the symptoms (depression, concentration, headaches) but none of these meds. can repair the damage that was done by the fall. Only patience and time will heal this sort of injury. The recommendations of the Concussion Clinic doctors are as follows:


She has been given STRICT orders by the doctor to NOT try to push herself...if she experiences pain she is to STOP what she is doing.

that is a copy of the e-mail that i just sent to her english teacher...we are attempting to get the guidance counselors and the school teachers and the school nurse and the doctors all on the same page!!! wish me luck>..

you ever try to LEARN to use a graphing calculator for algebra II with no short term memory??? you ever watch the movie 50 first dates??? that is what algebra is like this year.

i am VERY proud of how hard she is trying to keep herself from getting too far behind...but even the doctor straight out told her that there were going to be some things that she was just NOT going to be able to get...

not yet anyway...

as far as her other problem with the KNEE injury...we saw ortho today and he thinks she tore her miniscus...MRI is scheduled for friday morning (i thought it was bad). we were in the office for 2 hours thinking we were going for a physical therapy evaluation and all he talked about today was surgery...oh goodie.

we won't know for sure until the 26th of this month.

sorry this update didn't get out in a timely manner...but as you can see we are dealing with STUFF here on a daily basis and i am pooped.

on a happy note...kelsey scored 4 goals tonight against CD east and we won the field hockey game. go indians.

megan is good...i am going out to PSU on thursday to wish her happy b-day in person.

thanks for checking in

go lions



Blogger Craig said...

Hope Ashley gets well soon!!! If she needs Algebra help, let me know. It figures Kelsey would score 4 goals the only game on October I wasn't at...haha.

October 12, 2009 10:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. It is hard for us to grasp all of this but it is so helpful when you explain it all so well. Helps us to pray more specifically. May God wrap his arms around you and Ashley (and Kelsey and Megan) and show His love to you at this tough time in your lives.

Jim and Judy

October 13, 2009 8:41 AM  

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