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Sunday, November 29, 2009


why in the world would someone on a diet have a blog title called donuts...

my entire family knows why but let me tell you all out there in cyberspace why...

about a month or so ago i was called by one of my brothers and asked if we were interested in going to new york city for a day trip the day after black friday...without giving that an ounce of thought i immediately said sure...we would love to go. without knowing all the details i was informed that approx 24 immediate family members were meeting at my mom's house and were being picked up by a limo-bus and were being transported to the city.

about a month or so ago i was guilted into starting a diet that so far has gone rather well...everyone has been so supportive and helpful and i was able to lose 20 pounds in less than a month.

(are you all feeling guilty yet???)

back to the bus...saturday morning we are all up bright and early and everyone loads the bus...which by the way was awesome. there were comfy chairs and two tables and tv's and it was really cool. i was about the last one on the bus and after all the car seats were chained onto the seats (3 kids in car seats) we all got situated...ages ranging from about 10 months to about 74 years old.

i had one of the front seats that faced the rear of the bus (mostly because i don't get car sick) and it had a nice table in front of it...which is where they decided would be the BEST place to put the two dozen donuts. and not only did they place them there but they assigned ME to be the one to pass them out. and we are not just talking about store bought donuts here...we are talking about full-fledged fresh from the italian bakery donuts. right out of the bakers case and into the limo. all different smells and all different colors and all different shapes and i had better stop i am starting to shake again.

YES they all know that i am on a diet and very weak in the carb category and NO they showed no remorse or any signs of finding another spot for those donuts. (they said it was a test). talk about torture...i really hope some of them were not looking at what i was doing to some of their donuts before they ate them (just kidding or am i??).

i am pretty sure that they didn't have a clue when they bought the donuts that they were going to use them to torture me with but i did observe a few smiles and chuckles thoughout the morning...and just to add insult to injury...all the other snacks brought on board were next to me in a plastic see though bag. the cheese crackers the p-nut butter crackers and the flavored oyster crackers that you could smell for blocks and the gummies and the fruit chews and the cereal bars--i decided that we probably had enough carbs on that bus to feed a small nation.

why do i tell you this story...BECAUSE I PASSED THE TEST.

i was able to go on the bus and touch the donuts and smell the donuts and NOT EAT the donuts. perhaps it was because i wasn't sure if my nephews had actually brought the duct tape and i didn't want to miss out on the whole NYC trip tied to my seat all day or perhaps it is because i am able to make smarter choices after a month of practice...

either way i was kinda proud of myself for not caving...i had a wonderful trip to NYC and stuck to my diet quite well...yes i ate green beans in the city. something that i was not sure was actually possible but i did it.

(does that mean that you guys are off the hook for putting me through that torture all day long...not in a million years!!!!)

enough about me...tomorrow i will be sharing our experience with the "naked cowboy" and the rest of our NYC trip.

thanks for checking in



Blogger Deb D said...

Truly torture!! Next time why not just drip water on your forehead or poke you with a sharp stick for the entire trip? :) Way to find a way to win!! One more victory to feel good about!


November 30, 2009 7:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We did do that to you Tammy, without really thinking!! Sorry, but you did great. Anxious to hear about the naked cowboy because we missed him (glad we did!).
You look great. Keep up the good work. My diet started today(Judy's)
Jim and Judy

November 30, 2009 8:51 AM  

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