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Sunday, April 11, 2010

spring chicken...

this I AM NOT!!!

you can always tell when it is spring-time in the 'burg when you start to hear stories about mrs dewalt and her weed whacker...yes i STILL own the evil weed whacker and i am still determined to do my own lawn care...why i am not sure but it is what it is.

i decided that this was going to be a great weekend to do yard work because there was still a coolness in the air and those of you who know me well know that i am not a warm weather person. as you all know this is not my first season out there fighting the onion grass and the dandelions and those unidentified other green things...and over all the event went pretty well.

thanks to my father-in-law buying me a new mower last year i ONLY had to pull that cord twice to get it to start...that was AMAZING. then there was that EWW (evil weed whacker)...i am really surprised that i have any arm left after the number of times i had to pull start that silly thing. either it didn't want to start in the first place or it needed the cord replaced or i couldn't hold it any more because my arm felt like it was going to detach from the shoulder...that thing is heavy when it is full of gas and the operator is a wimp.

i did manage to save the cable cords running into the house although i can't say the same for those goofy plastic shields over the basement we REALLY need those anyway?

i was only able to physically whack the back of the house do to the cramping of the forearm and me exceeding the daily allowance for pain meds...maybe this afternoon i can get out and work on the front for a bit. (small doses work best for me...doing the work that is...not the drugs)

as far as the spring chicken comment...a couple of days ago i tripped backwards over the railroad ties we have in our driveway...thank GOD the neighbors were all inside...but boy have i been having a rough time recovering from that spill. scraped up the back of my leg pretty good and knocked a few things (i was unaware i even had) out of alignment i think. no spring chicken anymore...and certainly not so graceful during the fall either. don't you just love all those thoughts that go through your head when you are falling backwards to the hard driveway...

not thoughts like...hope i don't break an arm or hope i don't break a leg or hope i don't hit my head

but rather thoughts like...hope the neighbors aren't out watching or hope i can get back up before a car comes down the street or i hope i don't get blood on this new shirt...BIZARRE i know.

but i survived and all is good. hope you all had a wonderful weekend...i am off to a field hockey game.

thanks for checking in



Blogger Deb D said...

Surely, starting every spring, your neighbors are peeking out the window with the video camera on zoom! Why can't you be my neighbor?!


April 11, 2010 4:54 PM  
Blogger Katie Dewalt said...

Dear Niece,
I'm sorry you took a spill, but I'm here to say that I TOTALLY had those same thoughts when I took that lovely asphalt ballet in front of my house last year. (and by the knee has never been the same)so thank God if you get back to normal---even if it takes more time than in the past.
Once I "landed" [headfirst, I might add] I checked to see if I had my teeth and looked for any protruding bone. None! Yay! Now I have to either appear that I can bounce right back up or look like "I meant to do that!"
All my neighbors were at work or at least not home, so once I had confirmed that no one witnessed my "dry belly flop" I walked---as normally as I could muster---into the house. By then I was actually shaking, so I had to sit down before tending to my wounds.
God is good! I EASILY could have knocked my teeth out and/or broken any number of bones. (We old people will snap like a twig in a fall.)
I do have to admit, I'd probably be entertained by you and your "dance partner" as you maneuver around your yard. Too bad for me...I'm too far away.
I check in pretty regularly, so I'm keeping tabs on you and the girls.
Sending my love from California,
Aunt Katie

April 13, 2010 4:48 PM  

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