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Monday, November 30, 2009

the naked cowboy

i thought going into the city i would get to see the empire state building and times square and perhaps the christmas tree or central park...NEVER did i think that a large portion of my time would be spent with the (near) naked cowboy. i had heard about him but in all my trips to NYC i never had the opportunity to have a picture of him with my teenage daughters.

the general consensus was that if tim were there we would have had to cross the street about a block up from him and go around the block in the opposite direction but i have to admit i found him quite interesting. we saw a crowd in the middle of the street just in front of american eagle (which we were going to go there anyway) and as we got closer i was somewhat shocked to see this character wearing only a hat and a guitar. it was a tad bit chilly in the city on saturday.

we only got the girls picture with him-sorry but i decided to NOT participate in the photo shoot due to the fact there was a significant amount of touchy feely going on...especially in the lower buttock region (and i get enough of that at work...inside joke). plus i would have felt totally ridiculous standing next to a clothed cowboy in the city let alone a naked one.

the twins really got a kick out the whole experience and feel that they have now experienced the real NYC. its a darn good thing that those girls were looking up at me in that picture...

they bought purses from street vendors

they bought ski hats from street vendors

they had the homeless ask for money

they had a photo shoot with cookie monster

they had a photo shoot with a naked cowboy

they saw the empire state building at night

they saw times square at night...kinda creepy

they went to the charmin bathrooms...which was an unforgettable experience

they saw the police arresting spiderman...who would have thought

they saw dinosaurs at the national history museum

they shopped at macy's

what more could you ask was a fantastic day in the city and i so much enjoyed being with all three of my girls for the day. it was a day to just get away and not have a care in the world except getting back to 49th and 6th ave in time for the limo-bus.

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Blogger Deb D said...

So much about that photo is just plain wrong! :)


December 01, 2009 8:18 AM  
Blogger Wendy said...

Love the picture....I have been in NY many times but never heard or seen about the naked cowboy. It sounds like you had a wonderful day. I love the girls hats....nothing like those street venders.


December 01, 2009 1:44 PM  

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