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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

mini-vacation is over...

...i had the last 4 days off work and was loving it. now i need to face reality and get back into the daily grind.

on monday ashley had her "neuro-psych" exam...this was ordered 4 months post-concussion to evaluate her memory and overall general state. it was a verbal and written test that was administered one-on-one with a doctor in camp hill. it was to take up to 4 hours but her being young and quick it didn't last quite that long. unfortunately we will not get the actual report for about 3 weeks.

she told me that it encompassed discussions ranging from her dad to the fall to her needing a dog to school work to the boyfriend to whether her mother dated yet and beyond...oh goody.

there were goofy memory tests and having to draw pictures and match up letters to numbers and stuff that i would no way be able to do...and i didn't have a concussion.

the cartoon today was picked because i so badly NEED to get out of my house and back to work. I am realizing that i do not do so good being home alone. (i think i hear the candy bars in the cupboard calling me and the frozen pasta telling me they are so cold and want to be cooked...maybe i need the psych portion of that exam myself)

one of these days i am going to need to de-clutter my kitchen from all the junk food and lock up all the tempting carbs (which happens to be all of them). it is either them being locked up or me being locked up and i vote for them. is it unusual to want a safe installed in my kitchen? i hear that insurance doesn't pay to have your mouth wired shut anymore.

at least when i am at work i can't roam through the fact we can't eat at all while we are working which for me is REALLY GOOD. but we also can't drink so my water consumption suffers on days i work...guess you can't have everything.

girls are good. moved meg back to PSU on sunday. kelsey is at ski club and ashley and i are getting ready to watch amercan idol...i am in the mood for a good laugh.

thanks for checking in



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess work can be good for some things like keeping us on a schedule and away from the kitchen. Remember, a day at a time Tammy. You can do it. Keep us informed as to Ashley's progress.
Jim and Judy

January 13, 2010 8:49 AM  

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