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Monday, April 19, 2010

lost a friend

cancer is a terrible thing.

just over a year ago i lost my husband to that dreaded thing

just a couple of days ago i lost a friend to that dreaded thing

when i was about 15 years old i had a friend...this friend introduced me to horseback riding and learning to drive a stick-shift (on the column) and how to change a flat tire on a car.

when i was about 25 years old i married her first cousin...this cousin became my soul-mate and the father of my three beautiful daughters.

both of these "friends" were taken away too they are both together again.

cancer is a terrible thing.

tuesday night is the viewing and wednesday morning is the funeral...this will be my first funeral since tim's. not expecting it to go real well but i will muster up all i can muster to get through it for the family. this family was always there for tim and i during the years of treatment and hospital admissions...tim and donna would sit and chat about chemo treatments and radiation and when they would say enough is enough. tim's battle ended a bit sooner than donna's but she always had told him that if he got to heaven first to watch for her...she wouldn't be far behind and in many ways she couldn't wait to get there.

say a prayer for the's rough.

she was just a few years older than tim.

thanks for checking in



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cancer sucks.
Hugs & prayers,

April 21, 2010 11:42 AM  
Blogger Katie Dewalt said...

i meant to look this up when i got home, but as is so often the case...i got sidetracked.
i was so happy to see you in Berwick, but unhappy that it was to say good-bye to Donna.
what a great kid she was, and how she loved the Lord. we watched as she walked through the briars & brambles for a couple of decades, but her heart belonged to the Holy Spirit.
(of course i'm an "eternal security" gal...many of us Evangelicals are)
you know she came out when Ron died and attempted to help me and to protect the kids from my frightening grief.
she loved to have her hair brushed.
did you ever know that her hands were Ron's hands?
i have loved her since she was about 15 and i will tell her how very much when we meet again.
you kids still stick in my memory. i know i mentioned the two of you teaching my kids "Father Abraham" with all the motions. Shelli & Christy have not forgotten that either.
Shelli and i (along with Jay, Julia & Hannah) will see you and your girls in July....i hope!
love from Aunt Katie

May 02, 2010 3:19 AM  

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